As part of the 'GDPR Accountability Principle’ the onus is on the business to make sure that EVERYONE knows what they can, and perhaps more importantly what they can’t, do with personal data.

GDPR e-Learning Courses

Through an e-learning partner, we are able to offer both UK GDPR essentials and UK GDPR Advanced for all employee levels.

Additionally we can offer additional e-learning on EU GDPR, UK GDPR in Education and PCI DSS. All courses are CPD certified.

Cyber Security Awareness e-Learning Course

As an extra we are able to offer a CPD accredited Cyber Security Awareness course.

Our Cyber Security Awareness course is updated on a regular basis and covers topics such as hacking, phishing and much more.

Bespoke In-House Training

e-leaning ticks the box and will give everyone in your organisation a good understanding of the GDPR principles and the Data Subjects rights.

There might be some departments who will deal with DSARs (data subject access requests), and DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) or who may need to look at producing a Data Inventory. We cover every aspect of GDPR training and support, just ask if you’d like to know more on a specific topic.

Data Flow Mapping

It's imperative that every business knows what personal data it processes, where it’s held, who has access to it, who it’s shared with and how long it’s kept etc.

This session is held in-house and is great fun ... it really is! There is lots of interaction, exercises with post-it notes and coloured pens and the outcome gives you a much clearer picture of systems, third parties and retention periods.

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